Ride the Fun
Electronic Kickboard
Perfect for beginning swimmer’s and watersports
Swii takes you on a lifelong water journey. For those new to the water and swimming beginners, it is a friendly companion to explore the fun and pleasure to be had in water.
Generate fun for both parents and kids
Boost the interaction between family members and make water games more fun and appealing.
A reliable and efficient aid for swim training
A fantastic training aid to help beginners overcome fear, facilitate kicking drills, and master balance in the water.
Accessible to everyone who wants to experience the joy of swimming
Simply rest your chest on the kickboard, press and hold the buttons on both sides to start, and enjoy the pure pleasure of moving through the water Free yourself from the worries of physical strain and swimming technicalities. Start powering through the water today!
Release either button
to stop for improved safety
Grip it with both hands to keep balance and to stop moving simply release either button on the sides.
Glide with agility, ride the fun
It is easy to operate and to make any turns while propelling forward. Level up your family pool games and enable people of different swimming skills to discover the joys of being in the water.
Two-speed options
Quickly switch between 0.6m/s and 1m/s to seek new thrills underwater. Low speed mode for beginners to overcome fear of swimming while high speed mode is to experience the excitement of water thrills.
Built-in propellers to guarantee both power and safety
The innovatively designed dual propellers are hidden inside the rear bottom of the kickboard away from the power button to avoid accidental injury and entanglement. An auto shutdown within 0.2 seconds will be triggered if any foreign objects might become tangled with the propellers.
Exclusively designed blades
The propeller blades have been optimized with the motor, furhter improving working performance and battery life.
Patented technology to ensure perfect safety
The Swii has industrial-grade machine sealing technology and exclusive battery waterproofing patent.
Remarkable buoyancy to maximize fun in the water for the whole family
Rated to hold up to 100kg,good for the entire family.
Removable lithium battery
The rechargeable lithium battery enables the kickboard to last 45 minutes underwater. Users can prepare spare batterise for extended splashing fun.
45 minutes
Rechargeable battery
Stylish, eye-catching design
The smooth round body strikes a perfect balance between the effects of gravity and buoyancy,making Swii a "tumbler in the water" while also begingstable against wava flows. Stand out in the water!
Ergonomic design for relaxing comfort
The curved front end makes users keep their heads upright by instinct while leaning on the kickboard avoids the impact of incoming water flow.
Colorful LED power display
The LED displays power and operation status with 4 groups of color to choose from. Personalize your own screen settings and invigorate your water amusement.
Eco and skin-friendly material
The tightly wrapped soft foam body is eco- and skin-friendly, and id made from high quality EVA material that can largely prevent adrasion.
Multiple colors
Multiple colors to complement the dashing look.
Corel Red
Sunrise Orange
Mint Green
Smart features controlled via mobile app
Effortlessly control child safety lock, change speed, personalize indicator light settings,start self-cleaning,etc.simply bytapping on the mobile app.
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1. Before using this product, please read the user guide thoroughly and learn about the water conditions that you are about to enter. The device should be used in appropriate waters and approved by the management authority.
2. To ensure safety, users should wear life jackets or life-saving equipment under any circumstances.
3. This product is an entertainment device and cannot be used as life-saving equipment.
4. This product is not recommended for minors under 6 years of age. Minors over 6 years of age should use this product with the guardian's supervision or protected by a lifeguard authorized by the guardian.
5. To prevent possible hazards, this product should not be used by the elderly, the pregnant and those who are not suitable for swimming.
6. It is forbidden to take any medicine before or when using this product.
7. The user should wear a swimming cap when using this product, and pay special attention to the people around you to avoid getting other people's hair or clothing into the propeller.
8. Do not put your fingers or other parts of your body into the propeller at any time, or insert any foreign objects into the propeller.
9. It is recommended to use this product in open water. It is strictly forbidden to use this product in rivers, ponds or other poor water conditions, and pplease be careful not to get clothes, algae, ropes, fishing nets, shells, sand or other debris in the water into the propeller in case of damage.
10. Swii Smart Powered Kickboard is equipped with a dedicated charger. Do not use other chargers, otherwise, damages to the battery may occur. Please use the original charger at all times.
11. When using this product, please do not point the water outlet of the propeller to the eyes and face of yourself or others.
12. Please use this product after standing firmly in the water so as to prevent falls.
13. When using this product in water, the user should always observe the surrounding environment to avoid collision.
14. Check the battery before using this product. When using this product in water, the user should observe the battery from time to time and make sure to return to the shore before battery exhaustion.
15. There is battery inside this product. Please handle it gently and avoid strong vibration, bumping or collision.
16. Unofficial or authorized maintenance personnel must not carry out repairs. Improper repair will cause damage to the product and Sublue assumes no responsibility for such damage. All unauthorized disassemble will be deemed as the consumer's wavering of the product warranty. The user shall bear all consequences.
17. Please replace the battery in a dry environment and keep the equipment and your hands dry. Do not replace the battery in water.
18. Before using this product, the product should be fully examined to ensure that the battery is not damaged and the battery is fully charged, and that the dual propeller and propeller blades are working properly.
19. To protect the endurance of the motor, the user should not operate the device for more than one minute in a non-underwater environment. When abnormalities are detected (such as burnt smell), the user should immediately release the start button to stop the device and immediately disconnect the power.
20. Do not use this product directly on the beach to prevent sand, shells or other debris from damaging the surface of the product and the inside of the device. The device will be damaged if sand or other foreign objects were carried inside the propeller.
21. Do not get the surface of the product in contact with volatile substances or acidic substances such as gasoline or rubber solutions. Keep the product away from sharp objects.
22. Do not place heavy objects on the product.
23. Do not throw the battery into fire.
24. Any Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
25. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
26. This equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment.