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1.What are the storage conditions for the battery?
Battery storage temperature: 0℃-40℃, storage humidity:60±25%RH, maintain the power about 30-50%, stored separately in a cool, dry and ventilated place. Please charge the battery once every three months. Do not charge the battery below 0℃.
2.What is the warranty certificate?
Warranty certificate is an important document for you to obtain service, so please keep it well. Every time you apply for after-sales service, please take it with you. Warranty card with purchase invoice together are the warranty certificate of the product.
*Note: Our product has lifelong maintenance service. According to the SUBLUE policy, if you are unable to provide valid and completed certificates, SUBLUE will take the factory date of the product as the starting time of warranty.
3.Warranty Policy
Please visit SUBLUE official website for the latest warranty policy.
1、 Please contact SUBLUE or your distributor when encountering problems as soon as possible in case of warranty expiration.
2、 Device problems arising from self-dissemination, modification, the use of unofficial parts or adding other functions are not covered by this warranty.
3、The user may enjoy after-sales service in the country or region where he/she purchased the product.
4、7-day return & exchange service only applies to the flagship store of SUBLUE.

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