Sublue in 2019 CES Asia

Innovative underwater technology and lifestyle brand SublueTM debuts its intelligent water recreation and exploration products at 2019 CES Asia. Its new product Swii Electronic Kickboard, winner of CES Asia Innovation Award, enables both adults and kids to have fun in the water regardless of their swimming ability.
Shanghai, June 11, 2019 - CES Asia was officially kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The scale of this year’s exhibition set a record, attracting more than 550 participating companies, covering a wide range of revolutionary technology sectors including 5G, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, and automobile technologies. As a leading company in underwater intelligent hardware, Sublue has won multiple awards at home and abroad. Its new product - Swii Electronic Kickboard won the 2019 CES Asia Innovation Award. By now, all the products of Sublue are winners of CES or CES Asia Innovation Awards since the brand was officially launched in late 2017.
“The reason why we developed the Sublue consumer-grade products is to directly benefit regular consumers through underwater intelligent technologies. Users can enjoy the propulsion, velocity, agility and liberalized underwater movements during swimming and diving, and explore the underwater world more happily and freely,” WEI Jiancang, Founder and General Manager of Sublue, said. “Our products are considered innovative globally. It is Sublue that created the new category of consumer-grade underwater intelligent sports device.”
SublueTM Swii Electronic Kickboard is the world’s first portable powered kickboard, which just won the “Oscar” for industrial design -- the Product Design Award of the German Red Dot Design Award. The innovative design of the Swii Electronic Kickboard can release people from the demanding skill set of swimming and fully enjoy the water fun right away. Compared with traditional swim rings and kickboards, Swii Electronic Kickboard offers more than buoyancy: it allows people to move freely in the water like fish through simple operation, agile control, and sufficient power. Swii can also be used as a training aid for swimming classes to enhance the teaching experience. Swii Electronic Kickboard has been launched globally, which is available in the world’slargest consumer electronics retail group, Best Buy.
Swii Electronic Kickboard is not Sublue's first award-winning product. The very first product of SublueTM WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter, won the 2018 CES Asia Innovation Award, while the upcoming SublueTM Seabow Underwater Scooter won the 2019 CES Innovation Award.
WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter is the world's first portable underwater scooter with dual propellers, which is completely different from DPV (diver propulsion vehicle), the conventional gigantic ones that require complex operations. SublueTM WhiteShark Mix weighs only 20% of average DPV. With no professional training whatsoever, all the users need to do is to simply press the two buttons to switch it on and start to enjoy the underwater exploration. In addition, its battery was approved for carrying on airplanes, so that users can bring it to any destination. These disruptive innovations made the WhiteShark Mix amarvelousscooter for diversified scenariossuch as swimming, snorkeling, free diving and scuba diving.
In order to better meet the needs of diving enthusiasts, Sublue launched the new generation of underwater scooter -- SublueTM Seabow. The design concept was inspired by the strength and speed of a crossbow. Seabow has a maximum speed of 1.8m/s, which is equivalent to the speed of the world swimming champion SUN Yang while featuring new functions including three speeds, single-hand control, D-rings etc.
Better user experiences come from more advanced technologies. SublueTM equipped its products with numerous advanced technologies in the areas of underwater propellers, underwater sealing, control algorithms, fluid mechanics, etc. Moreover, Sublue products have been through a stringent research, development and testing process to ensure they live up to their customer’s high expectations. By now, Sublue has provided products and services to many countries and regions in Asia, America, Europe, Oceania, etc., through its growing sales and service network worldwide.
Sublue’s TM booth is located in the drone section of CES at #2530, Halls N2.

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About Sublue Founded in 2013, Sublue is an underwater robotics specialist that has developed a wide range of innovative underwater products for recreation, exploration, and preservation based on its core technologies.
Sublue US was established in 2017 in Los Angeles. With Tianjin, China asits R&D and manufacturing center, Sublue provides products globally crossing Asia, America, Europe and Oceania through its growing sales and service networks.
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